Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My vodaphone book

After a long while and much problems this post is finally up. It was hard figuring out how to present and arrange all the pages, vertically in two or three columns if at all or whether to approach the whole idea from a tangent, through this grid format. Alongside were attendant compression etc. problems. Either I am dumb or someone should put a dummies guide to blogging images out there!! :)

So finally amid much busy-ness and uncertainty, here it is. Ta dahhhh. A series of sketches from a new book of mine, that was made for me by my teacher and friend Tarun. The little book is hand-made and completely jugadu; I love it!!! Especially the cover, made from old vodaphone post-paid billing envelopes. I received this wonderful gift just before a trip to Pune and New Delhi, and since I had not drawn for awhile, I set myself the task of completing it on the visit.

Of course, I did nothing for the first few days. Then I went to visit my grandparents, and if you pay attention you will see most of the sketches were from their house. They are actually done over a day and a half, and yes, I am surprised at myself too. But I really felt like a switch had been flipped to 'on' inside me, and I could not stop drawing.

Materials and medium: Rotoring pen (0.2mm), Ink pen on paper.
Thank you to Mummy, Papa, Saroji Athe, Patti, Thatha, Ruchita, Jasjyot, Tarun and the Chinar room at the India habitat Centre in New Delhi. Please do let me know what you think.


Shreyas said...

your mother's drawing reminded me of something I have to give you. :)

But I wonder if I'll get home in time to send it to you!

still water said...

what what wot ? :)

Shreyas said...

You're not the only one who can pull off a suspense. I'll cease with flooding the comments and mail you.

jazzlamb said...

Aah. Nais. As said before, the Pune sketches are lovely:)
This reminds me I need to update blog too.

Ruchita Madhok said...

i likes the one of your parents on the sofa

and thank goodness you didnt sketch me sleeping for once!

Aditi said...

lovely...very impressed

still water said...

Thanks for the comments and feedback guys :) I need to put up more work soon.


Thanks for the kind words Akhila :)
I'm doing alright and hope you as well .