Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May it end

This is a sketch I had done last year, as I spent the summer here in Ahmedabad.

It is very hot.

Of late, I have been getting up very early and then running indoors to my office where I hide away all day.We all turn to each other and murmur 'climate change', then flip on the switches of AC's and coolers, and keep them running all day. But how can we not? I glance outside my window and wince as I see the sunlight glinting off the tarmac.I feel its force stretch out to me, through the walls and the glass window, right past the cool air swirling to settle around me.

How can the daily wage earners survive in this heat? They must walk around on the roads all day and wait to earn their money. Wait as the sun and the hot air weigh down upon them. How have things come to this pass? When will we reach the point of no return, from where we cannot invent tools and create shelter to protect us? When will we all turn to dust in the heat?

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jazzlamb said...

Sometimes I wonder too, how the fruit sellers, rickshaw wallahs and the people who get to their offices changing three buses on the way survive in the heat when I can't take a minute without the AC. I guess it's just how it is. Sad as it may seem.