Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

a poem

This moment here
beside you
as you speak
and one moment stretches out.

I taste my lips.
They feel heated.

The heat of the cigarette
we have shared
lingers on, in each of its
small folds and puckers
long after the source is gone.

I know I will feel
it tomorrow
and think of you.

The silence bends around us
and I can sense
we've snatched a time
from the world.
From routine and industry.
From habit.

I lay down on
the floor,
a pillow at my head
hypnotised by the movement
of the fan above.

The music behind us
now speaks a language
that the walls and
the humming air around
us do.

The light flickers over me
and I close my eyes
and remember to
feel with all of my
And I fall into dreams
hoping to keep
my rendezvous
with you.
As the air begins
to sing in my ear.