Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A city in a desert: Part 2

Imagine, a city
By the borders of a bay
in the midst of a desert.

A city that one cannot belong to,
a city that one can only be born into.

The sole city of a country,
where almost all its citizens live.

A city of glass skyscrapers
and humming air conditioners.
A city where few walk outside in the day.

A city still rising higher
on the backs of outsiders,
who come for but a while to stay.

And ask yourself if you would live here
amidst heat of the sand and black gold.

And listen carefully for your reply.


Animation.Art.Design.Studio said...

.. Hey sweets, interesting posts, thanks for sharing! Reading through it. And this post reminded me of mine in same lines...
Check 'developing city' on mantra4all.blogspot...
I think we are talking about same place... same questions

Bondhu said...

These photographs remind me of David Hockney's panoramic photocollage...looks damn gorgeous....

Bondhu said...

Yet to see the British ones...if atall you tried anything of that sort.

Anonymous said...

This is great info to know.