Sunday, March 22, 2009

My book!!!!

My first book as an illustrator and designer has finally been published. :) It is called "Monkey Tales" by Rohinton Mody and is a retelling of The Jataka Tales for young children, published by Mapin Publications and Harper Collins Children's books. It is surreal but amazing, and also unbelievable that this moment is finally here...

I have attached a sample of the illustrations below, featuring four of the protagonists from each of the stories in the book. They are done in a collage/ cut-out style using natural textures. I thought this was a wonderful technique to use for children, who would find it ( I hope :) ) visually attractive.

Do have a look in stores and let me know what you think.


Bondhu said...

Damn good.....kudos...!!!nice to see this in print...:)The print is very good i must say...very nice and bright unlike most of the publishers in India who print on cheap paper...SUPERB!!!

Junuka said...

liked the cover!!!mast hai.bahut badhai.