Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time catching up

At this moment I feel like someone stepping into a confession booth; about to begin by asking for forgiveness since it has been so long since my last post. For the few people who actually bothered to feel upset about this, I thank you and I wish you a happy new year, with this new posting, which will hopefully signal more to come. And I also share my new year's resolution to do the same.

What to say, I guess time really did squeeze and congeal for me back there a bit. I really cannot believe it has been so long. There is a lot of news and much to share, but most importantly I am happy to tell you that my first book as an illustrator is now done and is in the stores for sale! It is called "Monkey tales" by Rohinton Mody. Go out and get a copy!! :)

But more on that this weekend, along with the long overdue credit sequence for the film "Saray".For now, here are these few moments that I have collected over this time, to share.

From last summer:

In July:

A question I am still trying to answer:

As for my last post "Mar adentro", I will say that work has happily begun on that project. Watch this space for more developments! :)


Shreyas said...

am i shra?? :)

still water said...

yes u are..:) then i shud assume the drawing is not too bad...

kabini said...

how did u make the chairs thingy???
was it a collage of actual pictures, or is it done digitally?

still water said...

It was a collage of test prints, done by hand...:) If all else fails, and there is no electricity,these come to your rescue...Thankfully

Shreyas said...

hee hee

ah, i loved those collages you made. The frames were byootiful too.

Bondhu said...

Nice to see some new posts...great!!!
The madman thing can be made into a film :)quite an interesting plot for a short film ....keep posting!!

Ruchita Madhok said...

i very likes the chair. i wish i had my BW test prints. djm made us throw them all away :(