Sunday, September 30, 2007

when we see time..

To the party of one that reads this blog: rejoice!!
I am now in the position of being able to call myself a single working (hold on for it) woman (should I be more politically correct and say person? ).

Anyway, even though that is not a very recent or new development, it places me at a vantage point of obervation with regards to viewership and commentary on life and how it passes(perhaps because I am frequently unemployed? Note also the lack of reference to the word 'participation') Well, suffice to say it, for this year at least, I have decided not to join the 'rat race' or whatever equivalent of it, if found, from culture to culture. Living on my own, in a new city, having to manage bills, rent, my house, finding work and of course, food which basically means COOKING..

This past week found me having a minor ephiphany with reference to the latter..
You see, I've been trying to work hard on some projects of my own, and only manage to do that in the evenings, because I am working (trying to) somewhere in the day. The hours seem to pass by quickly, what with me being armed with the foreknowledge that I have to get up early the next day and so cannot work till late, it seems everything; relaxing, thinking, working has to be squeezed within a few 6 hours. Hence I find myself heading out for a quick bite to eat for around 15-20 min at night, so I can get back to work all the faster.

Now I do enjoy cooking, but it takes time and planning, well because you need ingredients...
So I was waiting for my cheese omlet at this mobile food stall outside where I work, and I was watching the road, and the man cooking for me and I had the ephiphany I talked about earlier. You see:
When we go out to eat, we are really never paying for what we eat...

We in fact, usually pay for time (first), then convenience, then bravado (for the man who takes his date out to a really really expensive place), then pride, then sex perhaps. And last of all, the food itself..Its so ironic, especially since we eat to sustain ourselves. But I guess, in today's world where white can be blue, men can be women and day can be night, food- that most essential of tangibles can become time-'the' intangible, something we cannot even see, let alone digest.

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